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Reef Aquarium Pictures

A coral banded shrimp behind a watchman goby.

Clownfish, yellow tang and a flame angel.

My Percula clownfish relaxing in its anemone.


A side tank shot with green Sinularia, Crocea clam, Florida Ricordia and candy cane coral.

My watchman goby when he was a juvenile.

Candy Cane coral or sometimes known as trumpet coral.

Plate Coral which is closely related to the fungia family.

Floridia Ricordia.

My green anenome which is a Stichodactyla gigantea anenome.

Another picture of my clownfish hosting in my anemone.

A red mushroom otherwise known as a corallimorpharian.

A frag of neon green candy cane coral bieng suffocated by a red hair algae.

A flame angelfish swimming by a frag of zoa’s.

Full Reef Aquarium Photos

My new aquascaping.

Disregard the timestamp please this picture was taken in late 2007.

This tank shot was taken a couple of years ago when I had a horrible algae outbreak, I have since moved homes and kept the tank “semi-Barebottom” since that time.

Here is some more Reef Aquarium Pictures.

Here is some Pictures of Reef Aquarium Aquascaping

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