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Seio Super Flow Prop Review

January 19th, 2010 · No Comments


The Seio Super Flow Prop is a mighty little powerhead that is small, sleek, compact and is perfect for smaller aquariums.  This powerhead comes in four different sizes and from what I have read the largest can handle an aquarium of 100gallons. I am currently using the smallest version of this pump (the Seio P320) and I must admit even in my 46gallon reef aquarium this little pump out shines my current maxi-jet 1200′s.  The flow rate is pretty high however unlike the maxi-jets it does not create a small powerful stream but yet a nice multi directional current.  Another added bonus is the use of a magnetic mount which in most cases the company would charge for it as an accessory however Taam gives it to you.  This little magnetic mount is very strong and holds the Powerhead in place without any problems.

Now with just about every product on the market these days there are a couple of flaws with this powerhead. The first one is that it is designed to have the power cord right in the back of the unit which impedes the unit of some directionality when backed up on the glass of the aquarium.  A better design would have been to place the power cord on the top of the unit.  Another issue which has always been an issue with Seio pumps is that they can not be used with a wave maker, a sudden stop or power outage will cause a loud rattling/grinding noise.

All in all I have purchased two of the smaller Seio Super Flow Props and one is in use right now and the other one is still in the box and will be used for a backup pump should I ever need one.  I am impressed with the small yet powerful design and I would recommend at least trying one for smaller aquariums.

Here are the specs taken from the Taam website:

Magnet Mount
Magnet Mount support system makes mounting of the pump quick and easy allowing the pump to be secured virtually anywhere in the aquarium.
MM50 is for glass thickness up to 1/4in (7mm)
MM100 is for glass thickness up to 3/8in (10mm)
MM200 is for glass thickness up to 1/2in (12mm)
• 160° Directional Discharge
160° directional discharge enables the pump to be directed and secured at different angles.
• Prop Impeller
Prop impeller creates high water volume output with low pressure making the pump energy efficient with low heat emissions.

• Magnet mount included
• Ceramic Shaft
• Ceramic rotor bearing
• High flow rate

• Energy efficient
• Prop impeller rotor
• UL listed

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